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Working in REEport

Currently (March 14, 2022), REEport is used only for initiating and reporting on USDA/NIFA competitive grant projects.

A REEport Users Manual can be found here: REEport User Manual | National Institute of Food and Agriculture (

When you receive a new grant and when you want to report on a current grant, you will be asked to enter information online: To begin, you should attempt to log into the portal with your email and password and enter your report. (Select the link to “Reset password” if you cannot remember it – you will get an email with a link to reset and confirm your password.) Once you are in:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to “Active Applications” and select “REEport (SAES – Iowa State University), then
  • Select the appropriate report from the navigation bar, e.g., “Progress Report,” "Final Report," or "Initiation."
  • You'll find your report shell or initiation shell in the “Draft” folders, and
  • Select any underlined text to open the report/initiation and begin.
  • There is nothing to enter on the Cover page – move on (select “Next”) to participants.
  • Always use "Next" and "Previous" to move from page to page in your report. This SAVES your work.
  • For instructions on what is required in each field, click on "More..." or the blue question mark above each field.
  • If you need to save it and come back to it later, you can.
  • When finished, select “submit for review.” We can then review it before submitting it to NIFA.

Most folks find the site fairly easy to work with once they get into it. If you do have problems, contact

IMPORTANT: Please write for an educated but non-scientific audience. Keep in mind that not only scientists, but administrators, state and federal officials, and legislative officials read and use these reports. They are made available to the public worldwide via NIFA. The quality and timeliness of the report reflects strongly on the research, the investigator(s), and the institution, and has a decided influence on State and Federal levels of research funding.