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Steps to Get on a Project

There are a few ways to get on a project. For example, you can:

  • Join an existing  project: Hatch, Hatch Multistate, McIntire-Stennis Project, or Animal Health Research Project
  • Start a new project: Hatch, McIntire-Stennis,  or Animal Health Project, based on your research focus

Begin by discussing your options with your department chair. Some departments have one or more Hatch Umbrella projects. Be sure to ask about this.


Join an existing Hatch, McIntire-Stennis or Animal Health project:

One way for faculty researchers to fulfill the requirement to "be on a project" is for them to join an active project. A project's duration can be one to five years.

Steps to finding information about active projects:

  1. Go to the CRIS search page
  2. Click on "Assisted Search"
  3. In the full text terms box(s), type in words that relate to your research
  4. In the "Project Type" drop-down box, select "Hatch"
  5. In the "Project ID" box, type IOW0 (the 0 is a zero)
  6. Click on the "Search" button
  7. Click on the "Display" button

When/if you find a project you would like to join, send an email to and an AES support person will work with you to get on a project.

Start a new Hatch, McIntire-Stennis or Animal Health project based on your research:

Begin by talking with your department chair regarding which type of project to develop and to find if of other researchers may want to join you as co-project investigators. Then begin developing a proposal using the prescribed template; email it to, in the Office of Research and Discovery.

TEMPLATE for a Hatch or Animal Health Project Proposal

TEMPLATE for a McIntire-Stennis Project Proposal

STEPS for starting a Hatch or Animal Health Project

STEPS for starting a McIntire-Stennis Project


Start a new Hatch (Multistate) Project:

STEPS for starting a Multistate Project

  • Respond to a call for participation in a Multistate Research Project being developed or revised by submitting a completed Appendix E to
  • Upon NIFA approval of the new or revised project, you will be asked to complete a Project Initiation online via NRS and submit it for "organizational review" 
  • You will also need to submit a copy of any needed approvals for research on human subjects and/or vertebrate animals to
  • The Ag Experiment Station conducts a final review and approval of the initiation
  • Project Initiation is submitted to USDA/NIFA for further review and approval


Join an existing Hatch Multistate Research Project:

  • Review the Multistate research group projects at
  • Identify a group project of interest and to which your research contributes. Review the committee membership
  • If there are no committee members from Iowa State, then submit a completed Appendix E to, in the Office of Research and Discovery, with a request to join the committee as the official Iowa State representative
  • If Iowa State is already represented, then you can join the committee as an additional Iowa participant. You will need to contact the current official ISU representative to discuss Iowa project reporting requirements.
  • You will also need your department Chair's approval to participate in this group
  • Submit a completed Appendix E to, with a request to join the committee as an Iowa participant