NRS - Report Submission Quick Start

Who needs to report?  The federal fiscal year (FY) spans the period of 10/1/YY to 9/30/YY.  All Capacity project directors must provide annual results.  If your project is only a couple of months old, you can use the "Nothing significant to report" option.  In the comments field, add that the project is starting up and researchers are organizing their future efforts (or something along those lines.). 

① Navigate to the NRS (NIFA Reporting System), and login. If are unable or have trouble logging in, check out the eAuthentication help guide.

After logging in, you will arrive at the Dashboard:

NRS Dashboard

② In the section Projects & Programs, click Manage.

You will arrive at the project page:

NRS Project Page

Find your project by entering either:
a) the project number in the top search bar (as shown) or
b) start typing your name in the Project Director search field.

Follow the GIF below to copy/paste your results from the word template.  When finished click Save And Continue to return and edit later, or Submit for Org Review when you're finished.

NRS Results gif


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