Join or Start a Capacity Project

There are a few ways to get on a project; the path for each can be seen in this Roadmap for Starting a Capacity Project. 

All project types can become an "umbrella," meaning the project has one project director and one or more co-director(s) with similar and related research interests.  Umbrellas are great opportunities to develop and strengthen across-department collaborative research. Check with your department chair or ask

For Hatch, McIntire-Stennis or Animal Health Research Project

  • Join an existing project:  We encourage faculty researchers to join existing projects when possible. Send an email to and ask for "a list of capacity projects".  The list is constantly changing, so it does not make sense to post a list here.
  • Start a new project: Begin by talking with your department chair regarding which type of project to develop and to find out if other researchers may want to join you as co-project investigators. Then contact to let them know, so they can assist you in the process.

For Hatch Multistate Research Project

  • Start a new Hatch (Multistate) Project:  
  • Join an existing Hatch Multistate Research Project:
    • Visit the list of Multistate projects, and if a title fits your research interests, click the link to learn more. If the project has representation by ISU faculty, a local research project is likely in place already.  Reach out to the project director, to see if your research interests align and whether it is a logical fit for you to join the project.
      • If it is agreeable with the project director and department chair, download and fill in an Appendix E and email to  In this email, please CC the project director and department chair.

If the multistate project does not have an "official representative", discuss this opportunity with your department chair.  If they support your decision to participate in this capacity, indicate this in the Appendix E and the initiation template. There can only be one "official representative" from the University per multistate project, and the project director usually serves in this capacity. Participating in this capacity gives access to travel support to attend the annual meetings as outlined in this policy.