Accessing NRS: NIFA Reporting System

To access NRS

Paste this in your browser, then go through the login process. Note: You must have an eAuthentication Account, with verified identity to use NRS. Information on how to set it up is provided below.


Integrated Reporting System FAQs | National Institute of Food and Agriculture (


How to Set up an eAuthentication Account

What is eAuthentication?
USDA’s eAuthentication (eAuth) is a secure registration system required by USDA agencies to enable individual customers and employees to access USDA web applications and services. The account consists of a User ID (email), password, and information you enter about yourself in a profile (First Name, Last Name, etc.). eAuth does not have a mechanism to issue accounts to businesses, corporations, or other entities and will only accept accounts from individuals. Help guide for eAuthentication

Why do I need to create an eAuth account?
USDA security protocols require everyone who accesses the new reporting system to have an eAuthentication account. eAuthentication provides a more secure means to connect with USDA applications and is an important standard that NRS will now be able to meet. You cannot access connected USDA web applications or services without one.

How do I complete the identity verification process?
After you have created your eAuth account and log back in, you are directed to complete identity verification. (If not, click Manage Account and select Update Account where you may need to log back in). The Verify Identity page requires you to choose your identity method. We recommend selecting Verify My Identity online. You may also choose to visit a USDA Service Center for in-person identity verification, at which point your account registration will be incomplete until you complete the in-person identity verification. Once successful, you will receive a confirmation email. (Note: in-person services may be limited due to COVID-19).

If you are not able to pass the quiz on the second attempt, you must verify your identity in person by visiting a USDA Service Center and present your identification information to verify your identity to the Local Registration Authority (LRA). For those having difficulty passing the quiz and/or reside where in-person options are not available, please contact NIFA at 

Will the identity verification process impact my credit report?
The verification service DOES NOT run a credit report or affect your credit score. Information from your credit history is used to generate the questions, but this information IS NOT retained by the USDA. Use of the online identity verification tool DOES NOT impact your credit score or credit eligibility.

How can I confirm my identity has been verified?
When logging in to NRS, you will be required to complete identity verification before accessing it. Once completed, you will be directed to the new portal home page. A confirmation email will also be sent after you successfully complete registration and Online Identity Verification processes.

Who should I contact for assistance with registering for eAuthentication?
For assistance with eAuth issues (including password reset, account reactivation, etc.)

What if a Project Director’s email has changed since registering in REEport and won’t match the new eAuth account?
Project Directors who register with a different email address than used when logging into the NIFA Reporting Portal and REEPort should contact their Organizational Administrators and work with them to remove their old account and reassign active projects to the new profile. It is common for institutions and organizations to change domains (what appears after the “@“ sign), sometimes allowing users to still receive emails at the old address for a period of time. It is important to update this email address to maintain the ability to manage the account and receive notifications (password reset, project approvals, etc.). Please note that any change to PD assignment must be approved by NIFA. 


Reporting results in NRS

Below are some examples for reporting results in NRS and a blank form for you as you prepare what you plan to report. To watch the training video about reporting results, see

a) Example of "nothing to report"

b) Example of "results"

c) Blank Results form


Terminology as We Transition from REEport to NRS

Old TermNew TermComments
Progress Report--often referred to as the Annual report or annual progress report.ResultsThis satisfies progress and performance reporting.
Final Report--often referred to as the final technical reportFinal ResultsThe last one submitted when the project closes. This satisfies the final reporting requirement for close out purposes.