REEport, (Research, Education, and Extension project online reporting tool) is USDA-NIFA's reporting system for competitive grants and capacity projects, such as Hatch and Hatch Multistate projects.

NIFA is in the process of replacing this reporting site. Currently...

REEport is used to complete the following Modules:

  1. Project Initiations for grants
  2. Progress reports for grants and capacity projects


REEport is accessible through the NIFA Reporting Portal. For help, see REEport Guide for Project Directors.



NRS or NIFA Reporting System is the name of the new reporting site. Portions of it are live now. It can be used for the following reports:

  1. Initiations of capacity projects
  2. Changes to capacity projects, such as adding a co-PI


Questions; requests for assistance?  Just let us know. We're glad to help!