NRS (NIFA Reporting System) NEW

NRS (NIFA Reporting System) is the newest of USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture’s reporting systems. In its initial version, it is used for reporting of extension capacity funded (Smith-Lever 3(b) and 3(c)) programs, as well as for research projects funded by NIFA Hatch and Hatch/Multistate capacity funds. Eventually, all projects and programs funded by NIFA capacity grants or non-capacity research, extension, or education grants will be reported in NRS.

REEport to NRS Transition

  • Hatch and Hatch/Multistate capacity-funded projects - use NRS for new and continuing projects: 

    • All new projects are initiated in NRS; REEport will no longer accept new project initiations.

    • All pre-existing active projects with end dates after 12/31/2021 have been migrated to NRS. REEport will no longer accept changes to such projects.

    • REEport will no longer accept progress and final reports for capacity projects. Project results must be reported in NRS. Please see this instructional video for how to report annually in NRS:

    • Projects with end dates on or before 12/31/2021 have not been migrated to NRS. Final reports for such projects are to be entered/submitted in REEport.

      • NOTE: To end a project early in REEport that was migrated into NRS, submit a Project Change in NRS to change the Project End Date to 12/31/2021 or earlier. The AES team will then forward the information about the project change to NIFA NRS staff, who will update the Project End Date in the REEport version of the project.  After the REEport version of the project has been updated, the Final Report for the project may then be submitted in REEport.

  • NIFA capacity funding sources other than Hatch and Hatch/Multistate - continue to use REEport:

    • At this time and until further notice, project initiations and progress/final report submissions for projects with all other funding sources will continue to be entered/submitted in REEport.

    • Other such funding sources include: Animal Health, NIFA competitive grants, Extension (with the exception of Smith-Lever 3(b) and 3(c)).


NRS information

Access NRS:

NRS account:  Project Directors with active Hatch or Hatch/Multistate projects that were migrated from REEport into NRS already have NRS accounts with the same emails as their REEport accounts.  

USDA eAuthentication Registration/Identity Verification instructions:  All Project Directors and support staff who want/need to use NRS must create an eAuthentication account with Identity Verification; this is required even if they already have an NRS account.  For instructions for creating and verifying an eAuthentication account, refer to the following:

NOTE:  Project Directors who will not be using NRS to access their projects themselves do not need to create eAuthentication accounts.

For more information see the federal NRS website: