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Final Reports

Final Reports in REEport

Reports for USDA-NIFA grants on the anniversary reporting cycle can be completed up to 90 days preceding the anniversary date through 90 days after. Early submission is appreciated.

In REEport, final reports appear exactly the same as progress reports, with the same data fields and questions. However, the data entered in a final report should apply to the PROJECT DURATION, not just the final reporting year (progress reports only cover one reporting period/year). The only exception to this rule is the FTEs on the Participants page and Products/Other Products. In the Final Report, you should report FTEs for the reporting period only, just the same you would as if you were filling out a Progress Report for the final year of the project. For the Products (including publications) and Other Products, include only those items that have not been previously reported.

IMPORTANT: Please write for an educated but non-scientific audience. Keep in mind that not only scientists, but administrators, state and federal officials, and legislative officials read and use these reports. They are made available to the public worldwide via The quality of the information provided to readers reflects strongly on the research, the investigator(s), and the institution, and has a decided influence on State and Federal levels of research funding.

Detailed instructions for completing your final report can be found on this website, under the "Final Report" tab in the left sidebar and in the Guide for Project Directors.

When you are finished, you should "Submit for Review". That will place your report in the "Pending submission" folder, where we will know it is ready for administrative action.


Final Reports in NRS

Results have replaced final reports for Capacity projects (Hatch, Hatch Multi-state, McIntire Stennis, Animal Health) and can be submitted any time before the annual deadline. Experiment Station staff will be contacting you in September to let you know the reporting deadline. 

Terminology as We Transition from REEport to NRS

Old Term New Term Comments
Progress Report--often referred to as the Annual report or annual progress report. Results This satisfies progress and performance reporting.
Final Report--often referred to as the final technical report Results The last result submitted when the project closes. This satisfies the final reporting requirement for close out purposes.